Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the service fee?2021-05-16T05:50:08+00:00

The service is provided to individuals for a small administrative fee set by the OMREN Steering Committee and stated in the application form. The fee is 60 OR annually collected in advance electronically upon subscription or renewal.

How can individuals subscribe for the service?2021-05-16T05:43:49+00:00

An individual may request the service by submitting the electronic application form. The application will be reviewed for approval. Individuals should adhere to the service policies and regulation

What are the services provided through Sarh?2021-12-16T08:12:57+00:00

For the time being, five main services were selected and more to be added in the future. The five services are access to the virtual science library “Masader”, educational roaming service “eduroam”, “Mirsal” service for secure and fast file transfer, Oman research repository “Shuaa” and “OMREN Federation” as a single-sign-on for all the services.

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